BitTorrent file sharing startup BitTorrent to acquire local file sharing platform, TechCrunch

BitTorrent is teaming up with local file-sharing startup, Vast, to build a “cloud file sharing” platform.

Vast will serve as a backend to BitTorrent’s FileVault, a service that lets users upload, download and share files on-demand.

The company also promises to “support the development of BitTorrent cloud filesharing services and add additional features to our BitTorrent Cloud Platform.”

Vast’s product, dubbed BitTorrent FileVaults, is free for existing BitTorrent users and is available to those who want to add to their BitTorrent membership.

BitTorrent says it has partnered with more than 100 file sharing services to provide its cloud service.

The service will be available for Mac and Linux users.

BitTorrent says that its cloud-based service will allow users to:* Upload and download large files without the need for the need to download a centralized server.* Access torrents without having to download and install an app on their computer.* Share files between multiple devices without having a centralized storage solution.

The service will offer “more than 50 file sharing tools including FTP, Torrent, MediaFire, M4V, BitTorrent Mirror, and more.”VAST says that the BitTorrent-Vault Cloud Platform will include a “centralized server that acts as the hub for all of your BitTorrent files.”

The BitTorrent team is looking to expand its global footprint and expects to announce a new service for the service in the coming months.VAST will operate from the same location in Hong Kong as BitTorrent and it will have similar features, such as cloud storage, file sharing, and the ability to upload and download files from outside the BitRip service, according to the announcement.

The BitTorrent founder also promised that BitTorrent will expand beyond Hong Kong.

Vastic, VAST’s chief executive, told TechCrunch that the new cloud service will provide a platform for BitTorrent, “which has had some of the best filesharers in the world for years.”

He added that “we have a lot of things coming, and we’re working on some of them.

It will be interesting to see how we do that.””

We’ll continue to bring our services to other countries, but we want to focus on bringing the best services to our customers in the U.S. and globally.”