Man Utd ‘bizarre’ to allow free access to free access of the Internet at their hotel

The Man Utdis have decided to allow visitors free access on the Internet via their hotel for the duration of the matchday.

They have a team hotel in the hotel, but only allow visitors to use the Internet when they are in the room.

This allows them to have a free internet access, but the internet is not available in the suites.

It was not clear why the players decided to have the Internet free.

The rules also stipulate that visitors cannot take photographs of the stadium or the players during the match.

The Premier League has an annual free-to-air TV deal with Sky and BT, but this was not included in the deal with the Man Utds.

The deal does not cover all Premier League matches, only those at the Stadium of Light.

The Manu are due to face Real Madrid on Wednesday, but have not been told whether the TV deal will be extended for that match.