Korean barbecue with pork tenderlorn chicken recipe

KOREA — Pork tenderlorns are in season here in South Korea.

It is the season for kimchi and spicy fermented vegetables like cabbage and carrots.

Pork tenderlanes are often served with cabbage, carrots, corn, potatoes and sometimes even rice.

It can be a dish for family gatherings.

The dish is often used for Korean barbecue.

Here is how to make it.

This is Korean barbecue, with pork.

We are going to be cooking some pork tenderls in this dish.

I think I’ve made them a couple of times, but I’ve never tried to cook them yet.

This one I made for the last dinner I had at home, but it’s a little different.

I’m going to make these in a small pan and then add some pork fat and some chili powder.

Let me know how it goes.

I’ll do it again next time.