How to make the perfect pork neck bone

You can’t make a pork neck with all the pork neck parts you’ve got.

The meat’s all raw, and it’s all tender and juicy, but it’s still not perfect.

Here’s how to make your own pork neck, one that’s perfectly cut, tender, and flavorful.


Remove the bones and ribs.

You want the meat to be as dry as possible.

You’ll want to remove as much meat as possible, leaving the bone and ribs in the pan.

If the meat is too dry, you’ll end up with a crusty, crusty mess.

This is why you need to drain the fat from the bone.

(You’ll also need to rinse the meat and bones in hot water to remove any bacteria and yeast.)


Combine the bones, fat, and spices.

You can use pork shoulder or shoulder meat, or any meat you like, depending on how dry it is.

If you want to use bone marrow, use the marrow.

You don’t need to use the whole bone.

If your meat is not bone marrow-rich, you might want to try cooking the bone in a soup, or even cooking the meat in butter.


Place the bones into the pan, leaving at least one inch of liquid left over.

You should see a thin film of fat on the surface.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a problem.

Put the pan back on the heat, and cook the bones over medium-low heat until the fat is done.

The fat will melt and become tender, which is what you want.


Remove from the heat.

The pork will turn from crisp and tender to a crust, then a bit of a rubbery mess.

The excess fat will turn brown.


Add salt and pepper to taste.

It depends on the flavor you want, but you want enough salt and black pepper to give your ribs a little crunch.

You won’t be able to eat the ribs, but they’ll make a nice garnish.


Cook the ribs in a hot oven for about 20 minutes, or until they’re just starting to brown and get slightly crisp.

Remove to a plate.

If they’re not cooked through yet, add a little more liquid.


Add some butter to the pan to brown the ribs.

Use your knife to get the edges and ribs a bit more crispy.


Remove pork and bones to a platter.

It’s time to assemble your pork neck.

The ribs should be perfectly cut and tender.

You’re going to want to add some meat to the pork belly, and add the fat.

Serve the pork and ribs with a side of homemade mayonnaise and the perfect sauce.