Can I eat pork chop at NHL games?

Can I have pork chop during NHL games at a restaurant?

This question is being asked by fans in some NHL arenas.

It’s also a question that has been asked of many NHL players during pregame introductions.

Some players have asked about the legality of the question, but others have told us that it’s not a big deal because the answer is “absolutely” yes.

“I think the answer has nothing to do with legality,” defenseman Ryan Suter said.

“It’s just a question of what you’re allowed to eat.

If you’re not allowed to have a hot dog, a hot meal, you can’t have it.

That’s the only thing you can eat.

It has nothing at all to do [with] legality.”

Suter said that it was not a problem to ask players about the question because it would be “a dumb question.”

“It’s dumb,” Suter added.

“But it doesn’t really matter because the people that ask are probably in the wrong.”

A fan in Winnipeg told us about a fan in the Jets’ dressing room asking players to refrain from eating pork chop.

The fan said he and his wife were visiting the team’s training facility when the fan was asked the question.

The Jets’ practice facility is in Winnipeg, so the fan said that the fans were in the building at the time.

A Jets player who asked not to be named told us it’s “common practice” to ask about the pork chop question.

The player said that some players have taken the question to mean they can’t eat pork chops.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, but that’s just not the case,” the player said.

“They’ve asked me before if I could have pork chops at games and I’m like, ‘No, no, no.

No, no,'” the player added.”

A lot of players will just say, ‘I’m not going to eat pork.'”

The player said he’s had to take that question to heart, and that he’s not too worried about it now that he knows what it means.

“If you ask the right questions, you’re always going to get a different answer,” the Jets player said, noting that he does have a little trouble with players who say, “I can’t go to a bar and have a beer.”

“I’ve had a lot of guys tell me they can go out to a strip club and drink beer and not have a problem, but they’re not going there.”