How to make smoked pulled pheasant in less than an hour

I am trying to cook smoked pork chops and smoked pulled meat in the oven.

But I’m not sure how to do it in a hurry.

My grill is in a shaded area and the temperature of the air inside the oven is low, so I don’t want to get my fingers burned if my fingers get scorched.

And I don.t want to burn myself.

So, I set up a slow cooker and I put smoked pulled bacon in it.

I like smoked bacon because it is cheap and delicious, so it’s perfect for making this smoked pork chop.

The only thing missing is the smoked pork.

So I took a piece of smoked bacon and cut it into small pieces.

I added some smoked paprika and salt and pepper to it.

Then I added the pork chops to it and baked it.

After cooking it for about an hour, I put it in the slow cooker with the smoked bacon.

This made the pork chop delicious.

The smoke from the bacon added flavor to the meat and the paprika was really nice.

You can also add your favorite condiments like salt and black pepper.

Now, this smoked pulled ham was also delicious.

You may want to serve it with some fried green onions and fresh parsley.

I didn’t try it with any of the other smoked pork, but you could definitely use smoked pulled chicken.

So go ahead, make it yourself!

This recipe is a collaboration between the Food Network and The Food Network Magazine.