Pork loin, lamb and chicken are a hit with restaurant customers in Washington state


(AP) Pork loins and lamb are on the menu at a Northwest Washington restaurant that’s a favorite of the U.S. Capitol police, while chicken and pork ribs are a favorite with Capitol police officers, who are trying to keep the streets safe during an unprecedented lockdown of the Capitol.

The Capitol Police have been staging a series of drills on Capitol grounds to train officers to respond to threats posed by people who may be armed and dangerous.

Capitol Police spokesman Sgt. Josh Harkins said that while the drill was going on Thursday, Capitol Police officers saw “people posing as security, they were actually armed and ready to use weapons and were making threats.

So it was an ongoing drill.”

The drill comes as Congress considers how to reopen the U-S-A border to some 30,000 people who arrived after the March 4, 2021, mass shooting at the Capitol by an Army veteran.

The House and Senate are planning a $1.1 trillion spending bill in the coming days, but it’s unclear how lawmakers will agree on how to fund the military.

The House bill includes $25 billion for border security and a $20 billion boost for the Pentagon.

The Senate bill does not include any money for border funding.

The Trump administration has already indicated it will not fund border security.

Harkins says there have been about 30 arrests at the event.

One Capitol Police officer was hit in the head by a glass bottle, Harkin said.

He was taken to a local hospital.

The officer was not injured.

The White House says it is aware of the incident and is monitoring it closely.