‘A little bit of everything’: The NFL celebrates ‘A Little Bit of Everything’ with the return of Thanksgiving dinner

When the NFL returned to town in early 2019, it introduced a new Thanksgiving meal.

This was called the “Pork Sliders,” which had been made with pulled pork and roasted pork.

They were also a “seasoned” version of the Thanksgiving meal with a few tweaks.

The idea was to make the sliders as filling as possible, but it also allowed for the game to be played in a much different manner.

“This is what we like to call a ‘meaty’ Thanksgiving,” said NFL VP of football operations Troy Vincent.

“It’s a good meat-and-potatoes, lean, slow-cooking meal, and it’s very satisfying.”

But there were also some differences.

For starters, the slivers had to be baked to a crisp, with the meat and the cheese added after they were cooked.

And they had to sit on a cookie sheet.

So the game was still an entirely different experience than it had been when the NFL first came to town.

But the NFL is getting ready to celebrate “the best Thanksgiving ever,” said Vincent, who was in the stands during the game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

That means it’s going to be “a big deal” to the teams involved in the Thanksgiving game, he added.

“We’ve got an opportunity to be in a lot of big, memorable moments during the season, and this is going to make us feel a lot better about what it means to be a part of the game.”