Pork rolls, pulled pork sandwich and pork pankyo are the main items on sale in Melbourne

Pork rolls are the go-to menu item for most of Melbourne’s restaurants, and that’s despite a recent change in the laws.

In a new change to the Australian Capital Territory’s Liquor and Gaming Act, meat or pork may only be sold for five days in the month before it’s sold, and customers can’t bring more than five pieces of meat onto the premises.

Pork rolls and pulled pork sandwiches are also exempt from the five-day limit, but the sandwich and pulled-pork combo still have to be on the menu, as do a variety of dishes that are also available at most of the city’s restaurants.

It’s no surprise that a pork roll is one of the items on the most popular menus.

Pork roll is a staple at many of Melbourne ‘s finest restaurants, from the most prestigious to the most casual, including Bangers & Mash, the popular Chinese restaurant on the corner of Yarra Street and Victoria Street.

Pork pankoe, pulled-tender pork ribs, and pork sausage are also on the menus.

The best pork rolls available in Melbourne.

Photo: Supplied Pork rolls in Melbourne are sold by the slice or piece, but if you’re looking to go to more than one spot, you’ll find some different items on offer.

The most popular item on the meat and meat sandwiches menu is a pulled pork roll.

It comes with three pieces of pork, but only one can be eaten at a time.

The roll is served in a paper bag with a sauce made with pork and onions.

The meat is then pulled into thin slices, wrapped in bacon and wrapped in pork skin.

The pork is then fried to a crisp before being wrapped in a sandwich bun and served on a sesame-seed bun.

This style is best suited for vegetarians.

Pork belly sandwiches are another popular option, and are served in an egg and cheese bun.

The rolls are fried and the meat is placed inside a paper basket and topped with lettuce and tomatoes.

These sandwiches are usually available in a single serving, but customers can also opt for a larger sandwich.

There are also several pork roll and pulled pig sandwich variations, but they’re not always available in bulk.

These are served with either chicken or beef.

If you’re interested in some of the more traditional cuts of meat, try the pankos.

Pork and chicken pankoes are the most common choice of meat in Melbourne and are often served with onion soup, chicken broth, and a spicy sauce.

You can also choose from a selection of sausages, such as sauerkraut or kielbasa, to make your meal extra special.

You’ll also find a wide variety of other meat and sausage options in the city, including beef and pork, ham and cheese, lamb and pork and lamb, and some fish and veg.

For more vegetarian options, try togo.

A good place to start is at Bangers.

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