‘Pork Ragu’: What to expect at this weekend’s World Pork Festival

New Orleans, La.

(CBS) Pork ragu will be the centerpiece of this weekend, and there are plenty of things to do, as well.

There will be a pork raza, a pork feast with the flavors of pork, beef and other meats.

There are pork ribs to try, as will be grilled pork belly, smoked pork belly and more.

There’s a BBQ pork feast, with sides of ribs and sausage.

There’ll also be pork ranchero, pork belly tacos, pork-stuffed potato chips and a pork belly-wrapped salad.

The festival will also feature pork chops and pork shoulder sliders.

Pork ragu is a pork dish that’s made with pork, but there are many flavors of the meat.

This is a big one.

And you’ll be able to taste all of them.

Here are the main dishes.