Chef-inspired BBQ pork chops recipe,inspired by a pork tenderlunch

Chicken tenderloins, ribs, and brisket are just some of the popular dishes on the menu at the new South Beach restaurant, where chefs are making their own versions of the classic BBQ ribs, sausage, and ribs.

We sat down with chef-in-residence Michael Koster to see how the kitchen is trying to create a signature sauce from scratch, and we also talked about the many different ways people can use their pork chops.1.

How much salt does the pork need?2.

How can you keep it from sticking?3.

What do you do to make the chicken tenderloine tender?4.

How do you marinate the pork before it is used in the BBQ?5.

What should you do if you have to go without your pork chops for a while?6.

What’s your secret to making the pork tender?7.

What makes the pork juicy and tender?8.

How to make pork chops at home?9.

How you can use your pork for cooking, and what is the best way to store it?10.

How many sides can you add?11.

What are the differences between smoked, raw, and cooked pork chops?12.

How long does it take to cook a pork chop?13.

What does it taste like?14.

How does the BBQ rub affect the flavor?15.

What kinds of sauces are on the table at South Beach?16.

What is the deal with using a slow cooker for pork chops and chicken?17.

What happens when you boil pork chops or chicken?18.

What can I do with a whole pork chop, bone-in or boneless?19.

How is the marinade for a pork chops made?20.

Can you make a BBQ sauce from ground pork?21.

How about sausages, sausage rubs, and other rubs?22.

How are you making the marinated pork chops without marinating?23.

How should I prepare the marinating rub?24.

Can I get pork chops in a bun?