Pork shank found in car in Melbourne’s west

A pig shank was found in a car in south east Melbourne’s north-west on Monday, a day after the carcass of a dog was found.

Key points:Police said the dog was in “a deplorable condition” when it was foundThe dog was taken to an animal welfare charity and later diedPolice said they were treating the pig shanks as “potentially dangerous animals”Police said there was “no evidence” the pig’s owners were involved in the killing and the animal welfare organisation had “a full investigation underway”.

“The dog has been described as a white male with brown fur, wearing a grey sweater, blue jeans, a brown belt and brown shoes with red stitching on the front and back of the legs,” the police statement said.

“It was found on Saturday in a bush near the intersection of Mascot Road and Mascott Avenue, just before 10.30am on Sunday.”

The dog had been in a “degraded” condition when it went missing in a wooded area in the area of Woodbridge Street and Mantle Road, according to a statement from the Victorian State Police.

“The animal was found by a local resident who noticed the animal was not moving at all, but had a very low temperature, so was considered to be in a deplorable state,” it read.

“In addition to the dog, the owner of the animal had a large number of small animals in the bush surrounding the property.”

The Victorian State Crime Commission said it was aware of the pig carcass and was working with police on an investigation.

“At this stage, we are not prepared to make any further comment on the circumstances surrounding the animal,” it said in a statement.

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