How to cook, grill, and enjoy a juicy, steamed pork steak

It’s time to start grilling!

We’re getting there.

You know the drill: you slice a piece of pork, roast it, cut into slices, and put it on your grill, all while making your family and friends jealous.

But if you want to cook a steak that’s also tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked, this is your book.

We’ll show you how to grill a pork chop with the perfect marinade, braising, and steaming, and how to tenderize a pork shank with some of the most famous Japanese-style marinades.

You’ll also learn how to use a steamer basket to make a pork steak sandwich, and even a grill to grill steak.

With an all-in-one guide, you’ll learn how this is the ultimate way to grill and eat your favorite pork dishes.

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