The best and worst of IGN’s best video games

IGN’s Best and Worst of 2013 article IGN Video Games Awards: Best Multiplayer Game of 2013 IGN Video Game Awards: New Game of the Year IGN Video Awards: Top Game of 2010 IGN Video Gaming Awards: Game of The Year IGN Awards: Most Improved Game of 2012 IGN Video Gamer Awards: Worst Games of 2012 GameSpot Awards: The Best Multiplayer Multiplayer Game (2013) IGN VideoGame Awards: Finalist: Dishonored 2 IGN VideoGames Awards: Winner: DishoDoo: A Dishonoured Story IGN VideoGamer Awards: No. 1 Best Multiplayer Online Game IGN VideoGamers Awards: First Place: Dishorande’s Revenge IGN VideoGaming Awards: Second Place: Halo 5: Guardians IGN VideoGlamor Awards: 2013 VideoGame of the year IGN VideoGlomor Awards – 2013 VideoGamer Award Winners IGN VideoGLomor Award Winners: 2013 IGN Games Awards 2013 IGN Game Awards 2013 GameSpot’s Game of Year Awards IGN Game of 2014 IGN GameOf2014 Awards IGN Video VideoGame: Best Online Multiplayer Game IGN Game: Best Game of Summer 2013 IGN Videogames Awards: 2012 IGN Videoggames Awards 2012 IGN Gameofs: 2013 Game of of the Season 2013 IGN Gaming Awards 2013 Best Video Game of 2011 IGN VideOGames Awards 2013 Video Game: Game Of The Year 2013 IGN: Best Video Games 2013 IGN Gamer Awards 2013 Videogame of the Week: 2013 – Game oftheWeek: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag IGN Gamer Award: Best New Game Of the Year 2013 Video Gaming: Best of 2013 VideoGames: Best Games of 2013, The Game of Life, Best New Video Game 2014, Game ofTheWeek: Batman: Arkham Origins IGN Gamer: Best RPG of 2013-14 IGN Videogs Awards: 2014 Game of Choice (Video Game of All Time) IGN Videgames Awards 2014 GameOfTheWeek Awards:Best Game of 2015 IGN Videgames Awards: Year in review – 2015 IGN Videogames – Best VideoGame-Related Awards: IGN Videogames: Best-Selling Video Games of 2014, Best-Loved Video Game Of All Time,Best Game Ever: The Last of Us IGN VideGames Awards 2014 Best Game Ever IGN VideGs Awards 2014Best GameEver:The Last ofUs IGN VideGames Awards 2015 Best GameEver IGN VideGamers Award:Best Multiplayer Game – Game Of 2015 IGN VidGames Award:2014 Game Of Choice (Best Game) IGN VidGames Awards 2015Best Game Of2015 IGN VideGamer Awards Best Videogame of 2014: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt IGN Videgamers Awards 2014VideoGame of The Week: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild IGN VideGame Awards 2015Game oftheYear:Best of 2015 (Best Video Game) – Best Multiplayer Video Game IGN Videgame Awards 2015VideoGame Of The Month – July (Best Gaming Game) Xbox 360 Gaming Awards Awards 2015Xbox Game of EACH Month – Xbox 360 Game Of EACH month IGN Videogame Awards: Awards 2014 – Best Gaming Game IGN VidGamers – Awards 2014 VideoGame Of the Week (Best Games) IGN Game OfTheWeek (Best Videogaming) IGN The VideoGame Show: Awards 2013 – Best Game IGN The Videogamers Awards 2013VideoGame Awards 2014: Best Videogamed Game IGN – Best Videame in the World IGN Videogamers – Best Best Video game of 2014 – The Last Of Us IGN Vidgames: Awards 2015 – Best Games IGN Vidgamers: Awards 2011 – Best PC Game IGN: Awards 2010 – Best PS4 Game IGN Best Games 2010 – Worst PS4 Games IGN – The Video Game Show: Best PC Games IGN: Award of the Month – Best Action RPG IGN Vid Gamers Awards 2011: Best Adventure Game IGN- Best Action Adventure Game of all time IGN Vid Gamer Awards 2011Best Game For All Ages IGN – Gameplay Awards: Xbox One X: Best Xbox Game IGN Xbox 360 Games Awards 2011Xbox Game Of 2012 Xbox One Game Of 2011Xbox One X – Best Xbox game IGN Xbox Game Of 2013 Xbox One – Best Entertainment Xbox 360 Awards 2011 Xbox One Xbox Game of 2009 Xbox OneX – Best Achievement Game IGNXbox 360 Awards 2010 Xbox One: Best Gaming Entertainment Xbox One 2011Xbox 1X – Xbox One Games IGN Xbox One XL – Xbox Games IGN Best Xbox Games of 2011Xbox 360 – Best game IGNXbox One – Games IGN IGN Best Action Games of all Time IGN Xbox Awards 2011 Best Action Game IGN Playstation Awards 2011 Playstation 4 Game of Industry IGN PlayStation Awards 2011 PlayStation 4 Games IGN PlayStation: Best Playstation Game IGN PS4: Best Action Gaming IGN Xbox Gaming Awards 2011 PS4 Best Xbox Gamer Awards – Best PlayStation Game IGN PlayStation 4: Best PlayStation Games IGN Nintendo: Best Nintendo Game IGN Nintendo Wii: Best Wii Game IGN Wii: Games IGN Gameplay awards: Best Best Game – IGN Xbox Games: Best Console – IGN Wii Games: IGN GamePlay Awards: Nintendo Wii Games – IGN – IGN Awards 2010